I believe you carry the answers to your obstacles inside, and all that is needed is for you to step back and become aware. You then have information and perspective to make a choice of reacting as you have in the past, or responding in a new way that is more conducive to your current and future success and happiness. Learning to be resilient and trust yourself and life.


I see the wave of peace spreading. It brings health and happiness.

People can be responsible and have fun too!

Your Path

Our coaching is about helping you find and walk your sacred path.  I believe each persons sacred path is unique. I have healed childhood trauma and desire to work with my horses to help others heal themselves.  Horses are amazing at being in the moment and able to see subtle shifts in our attitudes. They have helped me through the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCM)® developed by Melisa Pearce find my Path. Their hoofprints can help you on your path too.

When Horses Speak

Horses speak every day

What they say can change your life

All horses have a lot to say, but they do not use words, they use actions. This story is one I have watched. Inspired by a session of personal coaching with my Islandic horse named Shadow. Hi, my name is Carroll and I am certified in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® through the Touched By A Horse® Program. In this type of coaching there are two coaches; I am one and the other is the horse.


I wait while the two women talk in chairs outside the arena. They are talking comfortably, but I can see one is slightly tense. It is as if she is not present, but already gone from the farm on to other things. There is a hurried feel to her, she cannot relax fully. She touches her watch a few times without thinking about it. The other woman, my helper Carroll, does not notice this action, but asks the first woman called Aya, to enter the arena with me.

Aya walks around; I have grass to nibble on and she is in her own world, not with me. When people are like this they are like ghosts. I can see the shape of them, but not like a solid person. They are not as interesting as the grass I can find. So I look for grass. Aya continues to talk to Carroll and slowly I feel a shift in Aya. How interesting, now she is fully present, not thinking of the future or the past, but here with me. I can hear her breathing slow and feel the tension going away, she feels good. Aya is a very nice person and I would like to help her relax completely. I walk over and start touching her watch with my nose. I want her to see that she has so much negative energy with that thing. Then I touch her chest and back to the watch. I want her to see the significance of these things. She will have a happier heart if she lets go of the watch. Carroll asks Aya why I would be so interested in the watch. It is funny how people don’t pay attention to actions.

Aya stops and thinks for quite a while and then I can see the shift in her. She gets it! The watch is running her life. Be one place by this time then go there by that time. On and on it goes never really present because she is worried about being late to the next event in her life. While she may make each event on time she is never really there. Even at night she is planning the next day. I can tell she is puzzled as to how or why I would be telling her this. Trying to figure me out. Well horses sense things. That is how we survive. I can’t be thinking about yesterday’s dinner or tomorrow’s dinner, because if I am, then I will not notice the mountain lion, the bad tempered mare getting too close, or more importantly the nice patch of grass right over there. I must see things as they are now. What the “sixth sense” is to people, is the “first sense” for horses. We live or die by that in the wild.

My question to her, is also for others:

Can you let go of the watch and be here now?

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