Hoofprints To The Soul LLC

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The name Sophia is Greek for Wisdom and she is very wise. She is a loving horse and very willing to help. Sophia is the lead mare she has the strength and confidence to support people and help them become leaders of their own path. Her hoof prints are strong and steady.


Shadow is lots of fun. He is very engaging and loves to help especially when you are grooming him. Everything is a fun to him, but he is also very smart. Behind that flowing mane is a kind and helpful guy. His hoof prints are creative.


Marcus is intelligent, inquisitive, gentle and kind. He has a large presence, but is very careful when he works. His curiosity will help you see horses in a new way. His hoof prints are sensitive.

In Loving Memory of Bella

Rest in Peace Bella. You were a loving companion and lived to be 30.  She loved to be loved. She let the past go and focused on present. The many scars are proof that an unpleasant past does not have to define the individual now. Her hoof prints were mellow. We love you!