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Healing Through Quantum Fields

It is dark and very cold on a Sunday winter night. The horses in the back barn are being let out into the field for the night. Coco is down the hill, not paying attention. Instead, she is pawing at the ground, putting her nose up in the air, moving around, lying down, getting up and lying down again.

I feel my heart constrict as I watch, knowing that this is a classic symptom of colic. Knowing there must be gas in her stomach or intestines and she physically cannot release it. If only I could do it for her…

Feeling her distress and knowing that at this time of night, it is going to be difficult and expensive to have a vet come to help her. I am very worried and concerned for her.

Suddenly, I have an inspiration and feel that I can help her.

That winter evening, I ground myself and visualize quantum foam. I visualize it all along Coco's stomach and intestines. Then I visualize the quantum foam in my stomach. I hold the intention of accepting the gas into my body. I truly desire to relieve Coco’s pain and discomfort. I have the means to release it.

I close my eyes and I hold that intent. I visualize a transfer of gas from her foam to my foam. There is a brief instant where it looks to my mind’s eye as if a light bridge formed between us.

Standing grounded in the winter’s night, I do not feel the cold or any discomfort.  My desire and my intent is to help Coco. I completely accept the idea of her gas transferred into my body. Maybe a minute after I start this process, I let out a very large burp. Then several more burps. I am surprised and caught off guard. Then, Coco calms and stands quietly.  After a few seconds, she calmly walks out to the field with all the other horses and begins to eat.  Nothing is wrong; everything is normal again.

What happened? Did anything happen?

I hesitated to believe that I had done anything. Maybe the colic was not severe and her body was able to process it. Did it matter?  She was back to normal and her distress was gone. I went on with life, wondering.

Several months passed and before I knew it, it was summer. Coco again had colic symptoms.  This time, it was on two separate occasions. Each time, I repeated my quantum foam process. Each time, Coco’s symptoms disappeared immediately.

Then, this last week it was extremely cold. It was painful for me to even breathe. I checked on my horses and again, Coco was in distress.  I repeated the quantum foam process.  However, I noticed this time the result was still there but with differences.

My own physical discomfort prevented me from fully concentrating.  My intent to help her was distracted and I was not able to fully visualize the quantum foam transfer. As a result, her relief was not as dramatic. She did stop pawing the ground and laying down and getting up. However, she was not completely at ease as she did not immediately resume eating as she had before. Was my distraction enough to reduce the effectiveness? I know I was effective. On four occasions, my actions led to her relief (even when I was distracted).

These experiences have galvanized my acceptance that I helped by using quantum fields to heal.  This is an offshoot of an energy healing process I created 8 years ago before I heard of Reiki. I have experimented with it on a different horse. In that instance, I was able to help her with a clogged tear duct.

I love quantum physics. I have read many articles and visualized the writings and discussions. I have seen as you get very small and keep going down and down and down you reach a point where possibility meets probability this creates a moving foam structure. The reason the foam is always moving is because possibilities and probabilities are constantly changing. The amazing part about this theory is that the observer is a critical aspect of which probability shows up. A strong intent will cause the foam to collapse into one outcome.

If you attempt to do healing this way, it is important that what you accept into or through your body you immediately release.  Release is a separate visualization and intent. It can be as simple as burping or it can be visualizing the physical material going into the ground and thanking Mother Earth for her composting. I believe many people bring other people's emotions and illnesses into their bodies without being aware of it. Therefore, they do not release it which causes them great discomfort. I also believe that animals who are close to us do this type of thing because they want to help us as well.  I believe many dogs end up with cancer or tumors or any number of things because of this. They are very willing to help us by bringing it into themselves however that last step of releasing it does not happen.

My challenge for you is to research quantum fields and quantum healing for yourself. Please do not dismiss it because it is not Main Stream. If you do try it, be observant of the original situation of your desire and emotional state and then capture the end result and keep a journal of what happened.  Please do not dismiss positive results because you are not a "professional." I am letting go of it being easier to believe in others than it is to believe in myself.

Each person is a never-ending miracle!