Have you ever had a bad cold? April 5th somewhere around 1am I woke to my throat in pain, I could not swallow with out it feeling crushed. Cool water did not help. I got up and decided to go meditate. in my office I read the information for what I was feeling in the Louise Hay book Heal Your Body.  The word Joy jumped off the page. I had that word popping up a lot lately.

Ok so maybe I was being slow about getting the message. What could I do to increase the joy in my life at 1 am?

I started thinking of things that brought me joy. I stepped into my inner child and looked for joy as a 5 year old. I found joy in the feeling of cool stream water rushing over my hand. I found the joy of watching lighting bugs in the dark back yard. I found joy in finding cool and unusual shaped rocks. I found joy in warm cocoa on a cold day. I found the joy of puppies jumping all over licking my face. I found the joy of kittens chasing string and rolling over and pouncing. 

I kept finding things containing joy and innocence. I turned finding joy into a game and in my game it was ok to repeat items or things. I found my throat was not as sore! I found I felt better. 

I have since then been asking people to play this game and tell me how they feel and what they notice after. I have decided to turn it into a project!


1. Each time you list an item say "The joy of_____" 

2. If playing by your self, time how long you can come up things. You can close your eyes and remember when you were a child. You can keep your eyes open finding joy all around you.

3. If playing with others, each person lists one item on their turn. Then on to the next person.

4. Repeating items is allowed.

5. Keep it G rated (this is about finding joy not passion or other things - that can be a different game)

6. Play as many times as you can a day.

7. Pay attention to how you feel!

8. Record changes over a week.

9. Post on FaceBook The Joy Of Project

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